In Love with The Landscape

I am ready to tackle a new genre; I have been a wildlife photographer for over ten years, it has taken a lot of tears, sweat and self-sacrifice to get me to where I am today.

Now, I yearn for a new challenge; I can feel the excitement building within. I can almost taste it...

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Art Of Safari

Safari, conjures up beautiful imagery, The wilds of Africa. Endless grasslands which are teeming with wildlife, antelope, zebras, giraffe, buffalo, rhino and herds of elephant all share this beautiful world. But they are being watched and observed by fierce African predators, lions, cheetah, leopards, wild dogs and hyenas lie in wait to ambush these creatures, this game of life and death plays out every day and every night.

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Art of Seeing

When I photograph it is a balance between my mind and heart; my brain looks after the technicals my heart the emotion within the photograph. Too much of one will leave an emotionless image or a poorly executed image.

To sum up, I think the words from one of my favourite songs, Reverence, by Faithless,


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On Safari with Fujifilm X-H1

I had an early start on the road at 5 am. It was a 6-hour drive to the private game reserve. My excitement levels were off the charts. Not just because I was off on Safari but mostly because of the black square box with the Fujifilm logo on the back seat of my 4x4.
The previous night at the launch of the Fujifilm X-H1 in Johannesburg. I had bought the X-H1. I am Fujifilm x-photographer and contrary to popular belief we x-photographers buy our own camera equipment.

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Story Behind Award Winning Photo "Showdown"

The Kalahari is a land of extremes: summer temperatures soar whilst winter nights plummet to well below freezing, a parched dusty landscape that can be transformed overnight to a sea of green rolling dunes. The silence can be deafening for those of us whose lives are consumed by everyday noise. For the inhabitants of the Kalahari, life is a constant struggle; their survival hangs by a single thread - the arrival of the rains. If they are late this can seal the fate of those who have struggled through a long hard winter.

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Wildlife Photographer of the Year Awards

A Winning Photograph in the Wildlife Photographer of the year awards 2017. This  fine art black and white print of a male chimpanzee has been awarded first place "Animal Portraits" in the Worlds most prestigious Wildlife competition.

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I am a Wildlife Photographer

Photographers have to be technologically minded yet artistic as they peer through a viewfinder. They compose artfully with their minds eye, yet their fingers move dials, buttons, levers with fluidity to ensure a perfect technically but artistically created photograph. Whilst at the same time being aware to any change in their surroundings.

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