Nature  Photography is my escape mechanism from a World in turmoil. It may only offer a temporary respite but it's enough to keep me sane.
When I am alone in the Wilds of the African Landscape with my camera nothing matters except what I am photographing. Be it the Desert Landscape of Namibia the African Elephants bathing in Red Kalahari dust or the svelte Cheetah hunting the plains.
Every thought or worry I may have had, melts away as I zone to the task at hand. I enter a Zen like state of photography. My mind concentrates on the technicalities while my heart composes.
I make photographs because something tugged at my heartstrings and I am beset by an overpowering urge to lift my camera and capture that moment.
My Wildlife and Landscape Photography is not about reproducing what I saw.  Rather it expresses what I felt.