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Kalahari Lion

Eye to Eye

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Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine I would enter the world of wildlife and landscape photography. Growing up in rural Ireland the most dangerous wildlife animal was a bumble bee, or if the local farmer forgot to close the field gate, then we had to face off with a mean grumpy bull.
Like most people of my generation, we grew up on a diet of BBC wildlife programmes Life on Earth, The Living Planet series, and The Big Cat Diary. 
Looking back I can see the path that led me to try and create the best wildlife art prints. School, college, my career in finance in the City of London were all just stepping stones to this life in Africa. 
There were a few crossroads had I chosen differently I would probably have never picked up a camera, I shiver when I contemplate life without wildlife animals or African safari photography. It is my vocation and raison d'être. 
Moving to South Africa was not popular with friends and family, as the new South Africa had just risen from the ashes. Most people were leaving because of the uncertainty. But for me, it was a risk and gamble I was prepared to take. 
Wildlife Photography was a hobby, that grew into a passion and then obsession.
I remember my first self-drive safari as a fledgeling nature photographer and the sense of adventure, the adrenal of being in the wilderness of the African bush alone, amongst wild animals  especially the african big cats that I had only ever seen on a TV screen. 

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Bonds of Love

A Moment of Tenderness


My first trip was a wildlife photographic nightmare but a valuable learning curve that would give me a solid foundation in the art of wildlife photography and create and sell my first African Wildlife Print.
After 10 years of being an African Wildlife Photographer, I achieved a lot of goals I had set myself, be able to make an income to survive was top of the list, otherwise, I would not able to live my dream. My other goals of being published in wildlife books and nature magazines. and winning a wildlife photo competitions were short and long time goals respectively. 
I have worked hard and sacrificed a lot to achieve these goals, many times I was filled with self-doubt and considered throwing the towel in, but my Irish stubbornness and the never-wavering support of my family gave me the determination to keep going. 
My main photographic goal has always been the "the fine art nature print" it's the sole reason why I photograph. I fell in love with the photo print on my first foray it to film and darkroom photography. Watching a latent photograph come alive in a chemical wash before your eyes are itself a spiritual experience. 
With the dawning of the digital age and inkjet printers, my love for the "fine art wildlife and landscape print has deepened and in this world of turmoil, I wish to share the beauty of the wildlife and landscape of this wonderful land called Africa.