Wildlife Photography 

Peter Delaney Published in National geographic

Peter Delaney wildlife and  landscape photographs have won many awards. The most notable is the Wildlife Photographer of the Year. Wildlife Photographer of the Year is the biggest wildlife photography competition in the world. It is the holy grail of every amatuer and professional nature photographer in the world. With over 60.000 entries every year. It is the most prestigious and sought after accolade in every outdoor photographers resume. 

Peter image of an Elephants foot, (bigfoot) fine art photograph was the winner Nature in Black and White in 2011. 

In 2013 his wildlife photograph of a White-back Vulture called Showdown/Gladiator was a winner in Animal Portraits.

2016 Peter's Fine art black and white print  of a Chimpanzee called Totti was the winner in Animal Portraits.

Naturescapes Wildlife Photo of the Year 2010

Natures Best Photography Highly  Honoured 2010

Spyder Black and White Awards 2011

Wildlife Photographer of the Year  2011

Natures Best Photography  2012

 Wildlife Photographer of the Year  2013

IPA Photography Awards Wildlife  Pro 2014

Sony World Photo Awards shortlisted 2014

MML Awards Landscape 2015

Wildlife Photographer of the Year  2017