Hands of Time | Canvas Prints | Wall Art

Hands of Time | Canvas Prints | Wall Art

Fine Art Print of Time slipping through our Hands.

Life is a tapestry of moments stitched together. When we are so busy with the mundane and frivolous. Precious moments slip through our hands like sand..


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The Thatcher  | Canvas Prints | Wall Art

The Thatcher | Canvas Prints | Wall Art

On a road trip to Giants Casle in the Lesotho mountains. I came across this "Thatcher" cutting reeds for her roof. I ask if I could take a few photographs whilst she worked. She agreed and went about her work.

The "Thatcher" told me as she worked. That her husband had died the previous year and her children had grown up and moved off to the cities for work. She had no way of supporting herself and relied on monies from her children. Her husband use to do the cutting and thatching of their dwelling, now she had to the "mans work" as well as her own. 

Even though her life was tough and she was deeply sadden by her husband passing. Her positivity and spirit were to be admired.


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