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Peter Delaney loves to write about his musings on Photography. This blog is filled with honest gear reviews,opinions the odd rant on the photographic industry. Peters written word is witty and to the point. He does not take himself too seriously unlike his passion "Photography'', which he does. 

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 "Wildlife Photographic Artist"  


 Becoming a Wildlife Photographer was more by accident than design. I was a passionate photographer whose hobby grew into a vocation. 

Relocating to Africa and my love for African wildlife and landscape meant it was a natural progression to specialise in african wildlife photography. 

Not so long ago. I was having a conversation with a field guide who loves his photography. We spoke about my choice of camera the Fujifilm XT-2 and its merits. 

He then said something that struck a cord and got me thinking ..

You are not a real wildlife photographer, your photographs are fine art photography
— anom field guide

Now I had always considered myself to be a photographer who specializes in black and white wildlife photography. To be honest I photograph whatever tugs at my heart strings!

I have been thinking for this for awhile. I am not one for labels or trying to put people or their art in to neat little boxes. But there is some merit to his statement. I have to admit I am not your typical wildlife photographer and I guess subconsciously I have never wanted to be. 

"I am a dreamer, a romantic, an eternal optimist and a passionated photographer. I create beautiful wildlife art to print on fine art paper. I would like those who view my wildlife framed prints to fall hopelessly in love with them, as I did it creating them"


I think my artist statement says it best...

Photography has allowed me to view the world in a unique way. The world has become a canvas of colour, shapes, lines, form and texture.
Hidden deep within us all is a layer of creativity. The medium of photography has allowed me to discover mine.
The digital darkroom has given me the tools to express my creativity. At times I will enhance an image to express my vision of a subject or a scene.
My wish is to transport the viewer, inspire and to ignite a passion for all life and environs on our wonderful planet.
— Peter Delaney

What am I? I have never been too concerned with existentialism. I discussed this topic with some close friends, one who is an amazing artist replied, 

"You are a Wildlife Photographic Artist"


I guess as labels go, thats probably the best to describe who I am.. But it is not important to me what i am called/labeled, what is important to me, is to create

"wildlife photography prints"