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The Ultimate Photo Safari Tour Botswana 2018


Safari for Photographers Designed by Photographers


 Botswana Safari Photo Tour 2018

Anette Mossbacher and Peter Delaney (BBC Wildlife Photographer of The Year in 2011, 2013) will lead a small private group of six photographers into one of Africas last living Edens, Botswana. This Unique Photo Safari Tour takes us to  three of Botswana’s premier Wildlife destinations. The Okavango Delta, Savute and Chobe.

This Ultimate Safari Photo Tour Dates: 27th Oct until 6th of Nov 2018

You arrive a day earlier in Maun, Botswana, our starting point for this photography tour. Please join Peter and Anette on 26th Oct for dinner in Maun.

Photo Safari Tour, Elephant Ridge 

Photo Safari Tour, Elephant Ridge 


About the Photo Tour locations: 

Okavango Delta

is an oasis in the heart of Botswana. This life giving delta rises from its source in the Angolan mountains and dies in the hot sands of the Kalahari desert. The Okavango during the dry season (Oct-Nov) has the highest numbers of wildlife in Southern Africa. The Okavango delta  flood plains attracts huge numbers of herbivores which in turn attracts high numbers of predators. Leopards, Lions, Hyena and Wild Dog can be encountered on a daily basis. 

Photographic highlights include huge herds of Buffalo and breeding herds of Elephants. These herds as they trek daily to the delta kick up clouds of dust, creating an ethereal glow in the last rays of sunset. The Okavango is home to the indigenous Lechwe who make impressive photo subjects as they leap through the water. Lion prides have been seen occasionally crossing the channel too.

Expect to see pods of Hippos in the lagoon areas of the delta. The shallow waters are perfect for bird species in particular the storks, herons and egrets.

Photo Safari Tour, Hippos in the Mist

Photo Safari Tour, Hippos in the Mist



27, 28, 29th October 2018: 

The renowned Khwai River Lodge will play host to our safari group on the deltas waterway. The lodge is home to luxurious rooms seated on raised wooden platforms with traditional African roof thatch. 

Each room has its own private decks with easy chairs and hammocks, perfect for relaxing after an action filled photographic day. Four poster beds with discreet air conditioning and elegant bathrooms will ensure a comfortable nights sleep. 

Photo Safari Tour, Black Rhino Charge

Photo Safari Tour, Black Rhino Charge



 30, 31 October. & 1st Nov. 2018:

 The Chobe National Park is a dry arid area created by the unpredictable ebb and  flow of the Savute channel. The wildlife inhabitants are reliant on a few waterholes some man made. In the dry season the wildlife congregate around these life saving water sources. In the afternoons entire herds of different species can be seen crowded around the same waterhole vying for the best position to drink water. This can lead to thrilling action photography as tolerance levels of animals are pushed to the limits. 

The Savute is renowned for its Hyenas and Lions which led the Derek and Beverly Joubert creating a wonderful documentary called “Eternal Enemies” 

Another wildlife documented phenomenon are the Lion killing Elephants of the Savute caught on camera by the BBC.

Leopard in Tree


The 5 Star Savute Elephant Camp is situated in the heart of the Chobe National park. This luxurious bush camp is in a truly remote and and wild area offering guests the complete classic African safari experience. 

The lodge hosts a cluster of twelve rooms on raised platforms. Each with its own outdoor lounge shaded by traditional African roof  thatch. 

Rooms are luxurious with lavish ensuite bathrooms and dressing rooms with discreet air conditioning. 


Photo Safari Tour, Kalahari Lion

Photo Safari Tour, Kalahari Lion


Chobe River

2, 3, 4, 5 November 2018:

The Chobe  marks the boundary with the Caprivi strip in Namibia. The Chobe is famous for its large populations of elephants and buffolos. Over 70,000 elephant are found in the Chobe National park. The highest density of Elephants in the World. Elephant herds provide amazing photographic opportunities as they come to the river bank to drink and cool off. Late afternoon you can expect to see a lot of wildlife from the nearby forest coming down to quench their thirst.

Our small photographic safari group will be staying on the Chobes premier houseboat. We can take advantage of smaller boats specially adapted to photographers needs. This will allow us to get up close and personal with Chobes wildlife. Photographing from a boat will allow photographers to get a complete unique photographic perspective. 

Photographing from the houseboat  will bring an exciting and different feel to this “Unique Photo Tour".

Apart from the huge numbers of Elephants, large herds of Buffalo, Predators and antelope can be seen on the river banks. The birdlife in Chobe is prolific with close to 400 species been recorded.

Photo Safari Tour, Elephants on River Bank

Photo Safari Tour, Elephants on River Bank



The luxurious house boat contains 3 decks, the lower deck boasts five ensuite cabins tastefully decorated. The middle deck, the lounge and dining room. The open air top deck allows guests to chill and relax on sun loungers and enjoy their sundowners with snacks.

Duration of the Photo Tour: 27th Oct 2018 until 6th of Nov 2018

Arrival Day – Meeting for Dinner: 26th Oct 2018 in Maun, Botswana for those arriving earlier.

6th November transfer back to Kasane.

Cost per person: US$9775

Reservation Fee: US$2200

Registration ends: 15th of July 2018

Difficulty Level: Easy

Climate: Warm–Hot

Reserve your spot for this fantastic unique photography tour, accompanied by two professional, award winning nature and wildlife photographers.

After your confirmed booking a full detailed list will be send to you with all information you need. Please, do not hesitate to contact us for any inquiries you may have.

Scheduling your arrival: You arrive on the 26th October 2018 in Maun / Botswana, a day before your photo safari tour starts. Please join Peter and Anette for dinner.

Botswana Photo Tour, Zebras on Fire

Botswana Photo Tour, Zebras on Fire


What do you need to bring along on your Photographic Safari:

  • Patience and passion for nature, and a love for new adventures.
  • Lenses for your camera bodies in the range from 16 – 600mm. The minimum tele requires around 300mm.
  • Camera body, 2 bodies are highly recommended. If one fails, then you have a back up.
  •  Laptop, portable external hard drives to store your award winning photos.
Photo Safari Tour, Hyena pup

Photo Safari Tour, Hyena pup


Safari Highlights

  • Private vehicles with one person per row (3 Rows per Vehicle) plus a seat by the driver is available for lower perspectives.
  • Opportunity to photograph in one of the last true remaining Wilderness areas. 
  • Experienced  field guides will drive us in private open 4×4 vehicles. Reserved for our photo tour group only.


Is this Unique Photo Tour for you? 

  • The Tour size will be 6 guests only.
  • This “Unique Safari Photo Tour”  has been designed for serious wildlife photography and game viewing. The locations chosen are some of the best wildlife photography destinations anywhere.
  • Photographers of all levels are welcome to this Photo Tour. 
  • The Photo Tour leaders are professional wildlife and landscape photographers and have experience with Nikon, Canon and Mirrorless camera equipment.
  • Photo Tour leaders will answer any question and share their valuable knowledge. 
  • This Safari Photo Tour is all about Wildlife Photography, we will maximise our time when ever possible in the field.
  • One to one help is available at the lodge.
  • Anette and Peter want all participant to have the most memorable photographic experience and will do their best to ensure this happens. 
  • Photography and digital workflow instruction from experienced professionals.


What is included in the Photo Safari Tour?

  • All park fees, transfer from and to Kasane airport
  • Domestic flights in a small aircraft between each safari lodge. We have 2 extra fright seats for photography equipment on the flights between the safari lodges! Of course, it is a photography tour 🙂
  • All safaris with private 4×4 vehicles & house boat in Chobe for our photography tour group.
  • All luxury accommodations, including all meals, drinks (all house wines, local spirits, soft drinks, bottle water, tea and coffee) during the safari photo tour


What insurance you should have for this Photo Safari Tour:

  • Travel insurance 
  • Camera equipment insurance
  • Please, make sure to have an insurance for your medical coverage over the full time for your photographic tour


Information for personal care on this Photo Tour:

  • If you suffer of any health issues in hot environments, please seek medical advice before booking
  • Please, check that all your vaccinations are up to date for the Southern Part of Africa.
  • Motion sickness and sea sickness medication, if needed! We will be on a boat for a few days and transfer between camps in little aircrafts!
  • On this photographic safari photo tour we will be traveling in the African bush. Please, bring enough of any of your medication along you need for this time!
  • Let us know, if you need a special dietary.
Botswana Photo Tour, Wildebeest Trek

Botswana Photo Tour, Wildebeest Trek