Mirrorless Observations

Mirrorless Observations 

Fujifilm X-T2 

DSLR Comparison to Mirrorless


Last week after giving a presentation on the X-T2 from a wildlife photographers perspective for FujiFilm in Cape Town I chatted to people about the XT-2 and Mirrorless in general.

I received a few comments that kind of stuck with me.

One was   “I know you are photographing with FujiFilm but I bet you keep your Nikon underneath the bed just in case  ”

 This kind of comment I get quite a lot. When I reply “No” I sold all my equipment once I made my decision to move to FujiFilm” People look disbelieving.


The mindset that a photographer can only make photographs with a DSLR is bewildering. A camera is just a tool and in the right hands can create great photographs. It really doesn’t matter the make, the size, whether it's digital or film. All that matters is the end result.  "The Photograph”




"Good Photography is the Result of a Good Photographer"

It is amazing how many DSLR users become very defensive about their choice of equipment. Personally I do not care what equipment you are you using. If you are happy then great. I am not a zealot going around preaching “Mirrorless” is the future sell your DSLR before it’s too late. Even if secretly I believe this. I would never tell another professional or amateur what equipment too use unless I am asked for an opinion.

Another question that came up last week was an interesting one..

“What was the biggest advantage of having a Mirrorless over a DSLR ?

Earlier that evening fellow X-Photographer John Armstrong hit the nail on the head is his talk about the XT-2. 


Somewhere in the Overberg, South Africa


"Paring Down"

Being able to “pare” down the XT-2 and the XF 100-400mm Lens from a Wildlife and Action combo into a Travel, Street or Family camera with a small fix prime or zoom.

What a lot people do not realise that before Digital SLR, 35mm Film SLR was the size of a FujiFilm XT-2 today. It's only since SLR cameras went digital they put bulk on. Technology was not advanced enough then to make it smaller but evolution in technology has led us to mirrorless today.

I could never do this with my D3s. It was huge no matter what lens I put on and the battery pack was not removable like the XT-2.

This means I always carry my camera around no matter were I go. How many DSLR users can say this?


All the above Photographs were taken on a  family day out... FujiFilm XT-2, 18-55m & 50-140mm