I am a Wildlife Photographer


I am a Wildlife Photographer

Wildlife Photography

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A Simple Statement which elicit various responses from the questioner

You make money out of Photography?


  1. Anyone can take photos! 
  2. It's all photoshop?
  3. You must have a big expensive camera
  4. It's not Art? You are not like a real artist...
  5. Have a look at my photos I took with my iPhone.

Most people are underwhelmed when they hear of my chosen vocation, a "Wildlife Photographer". And I can understand why, after all, the majority of people on the planet have access to a device that takes photographs. 

Since Kodak mass produced the first Brownie camera. People have fallen in love with picture taking devices. Capturing precious moments of their love ones and special occasions. The digital age has even made it easier to point and shoot and share a photo in a blink of an eye. It has become easy to take photographs.


If everyone takes Photographs. What is the difference between them and a Photographer? 

It's a simple enough explanation.

"Photographers create not snap photographs"

Photographers have to be technologically minded yet artistic as they peer through a viewfinder. They compose artfully with their minds eye, yet their fingers move dials, buttons, levers with fluidity to ensure a perfect technically but artistically created photograph. Whilst at the same time being aware to any change in their surroundings.

Photography is a learnt craftit takes years and years of patience, practice, learning, total dedication. With no guarantee of success.


 Baby Elephant WildLife Photo 

Baby Elephant WildLife Photo 



Wildlife photography is a way of life

A Wildlife photographer dedicates their life to photography. Through photography they have become keen observers of life. The ability to recognise body language of people or animals. They have heightened awareness of their surroundings, and are constantly looking for photographs. Photography has allowed them to view the world in an unique way. The world has become a canvas of colour, shapes, lines, form and texture. When they haven't a camera in their hand, they are reading, learning, browsing, editing, talking, sharing, dreaming about photography.  

"Wildlife Photography is a "Vocation"


Dune 45 Landscape Photo, Purchase Print


Anyone can become a wildlife photographer but you have to be willing to sacrifice time with family, friends and dedicate years learning your craft. 


You have to be a jack of all trades, a bit of a nerd, an artist, a writer, a marketer, an accountant, a people person, but most importantly create unique Wildlife photographs and to realise  

"that no matter how good you are you can always be better"

 Wildlife Print of a Family of Giraffe,  Purchase Print

Wildlife Print of a Family of Giraffe, Purchase Print


My name is Peter Delaney         

I am a Wildlife Photographer


Author Peter Delaney