Heart Of Darkness, Kalahari Black Mane Lion

Heart Of Darkness

Kalahari Black-Maned Lion

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When you are alone and in the presence of a Kalahari black maned Lion, a primaeval fear takes a hold of you. Even though you tell yourself "your safe" you can not totally shake this feeling. It's there lodged in the back of your mind.


This majestic animal once was the bane of a forefathers who lived on this land. They created kraals around there dwellings to keep there families and livestock safe .

When you are a few meters from this killing machine and hispredatorily eyes lock with yours , you will be chilled to the bone. Heart of Darkness has murder on his mind for he hunts a female and cubs from another pride.


A few minutes before I watched an anxious mother and cubs run towards and pass me . It was not until the male came in to view that I realised why the hurry . I followed for as far as I could . But then the lions went in to thick bush I will never know the real outcome. I assume the worse but hope for the best.

Author Peter Delaney