FujiFilm XT-2 Tips and Tricks

FujiFilm XT-2 Tips and Tricks

Formatting your SSD Card

Most days I get emails or messages for advice on the Fujifilm XT-2. What I have found is that a lot of people are not very familiar with the Menu settings.

In particular "shortcuts" that will save you lots of time in the field.


Tips and Tricks

Formatting your SSD Card


We all know how important it is to "format" your SSD card to your camera.

Before you Format your SSD Card

Please make sure you have downloaded all your images to your external hard drive or computer. 

fujifilm xt-2 back delete shortcut

To Format your SSD Cards

Press down the

Delete/Trashcan button (top left on back of the XT-2) for about 4 second

Then press the

Command Rear Dial (top right on back of the XT-2) .


On the Live View screen the Format Menu will appear

Press the "menu ok" button on the back of camera.

fujifilm xt-2 camera menu

The menu screen will give you an option to cancel or press ok

fujifilm xt-2

Using the toggle/joystick move up and highlight "ok" 

and press the menu/ok button on back of camera.

Now your SSD card will be formatted and all data erased.

Repeat the process for slot 2 to be formatted