Free Photographs for Exposure


Free Photographs for Exposure

Today a freelance journalist told me she would get £480 for writing a piece on Wildlife for Digital Photography magazine and she wanted to use my photographs to support her article, but alas there was no budget for my photographs.

But she loved my work and would mention me and my website

in the article. Yeah!! My bank balance will be so happy!

We photographers spends $thousands on equipment, $thousands to get to remote locations.

Spend countless hours, days & weeks in the field to get that photograph, sometimes in the harshest conditions at a risk to our safety.

"It's what we do and love doing"

We sacrifice time with family & friends. On our return we spend weeks editing, emailing, printing and marketing  our work.


Grey Ghosts of Etosha Series, Bull Elephant dust bathing


"The most important ingredient of a photography publication is the photograph. But you and your publishing house have no money to pay the photographer for their work?

Instead you send polite flattering exposure begging emails.

Is this making any sense to you yet? 

We take photos, you pay us a fair price, you sell your advertising space and subscriptions and we are all happy.

 Photographers Amateur, Professional & Enthusiast,

Do Not Give Your Photographs Away


You are throwing money away and these unscrupulous media houses become richer.

If it’s a charity, conservation or a good cause that’s fine. But that should be the only exception.