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Why I switched from DSLR to Mirrorless

I am a full-time Nature/Travel Photographer. My photographic journey began in earnest in 2007. Back then I had a choice of two brands from one system "DSLR". Regardless of which brand I chose it was going to be an expensive investment of around $30k. 3 months ago FujiFilm South Africa kindly loaned me their flagship camera XT-1 and the XF56mm f1.2. The start from DSLR to mirrorless! It was love at first sight. Call it a midlife crisis if you wish but this younger, slimmer, sexier retro looking model swept me off my feet. I took her everywhere, introduced her to my friends. Leaving my older, heavier and costlier "DSLR" at home. I had found the passion that I had lost. This realization hit me hard. I had over the years stopped photographing unless on assignment or on Safari.


Autumnal Leaves in Rain,


"Pure Photographic Enjoyment" Could it be that simple?What about sensor quality, auto focussing, lenses? I hear you say. Yes I asked FujiFilm South Africa those questions. In reply they loaned me the FujiFilm XT-1 and the XF 56mm F1.2. After 3 weeks of photographing a few things became evident, there was no need to worry about sensor quality no need to worry about Auto Focussing. What about quality lenses? and aftercare service ?


Pine Tree and Moss


I arranged a meeting with FujiFilm South Africa expressed my concerns. As the meeting progressed one thing became evident FujiFilm are in it for the long haul, they listen to the needs of their photographers. This has been evident by the release of the future road map and firmware upgrades for lenses and cameras. I was sold, hook, line and sinker. I wanted to be part of the FujiFilm family.

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I am sure a lot of my wildlife colleagues will think I am crazy. With my switch from DSLR to Mirrorless. But I have never paid much attention to what other people think or say. If I did I would never have left a lucrative career in finance to pursue my dream of being a professional photographer in Africa. The realization and the decision to switch from DSLR to Mirrorless was literally a weight off my shoulders. I truly believe that Mirrorless cameras are the next evolutionary step in photographic technology. One that I will fully embrace. Over the next 6 months I will be adding new lenses to my FujiFilm setup. It will be an exciting journey one that has me filled with anticipation and renewed vigor for my one true love "Photography" From time to time I will share my FujiFilm journey on my blog.


Author Peter Delaney