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Colour of Canvas

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Dune 45 Fine Art Print


We live in a world of turmoil. A world of uncertain future. Social media fills our senses with fear, hate, and racism. At times it all becomes overwhelming and I loose faith, hope, in our human race. Flooded with stories of horror. I cannot help but be reminded of Dantes Inferno famous quote                                    

                                     "abandon all hope, you who enter here"

Have we reached that point in our lives that we are ready to give up hope?  Me, I am an eternal optimist, a dreamer, a romantic. I hide behind my camera and create idyllic photographs. It is my way of trying to make the world a better place by creating and sharing fine art wildlife & landscape prints. It may have the smallest effect in terms of making an overall difference. But if my wildlife art bring joy to those who view them. Then I have achieved one of my most important goals within my fine art photography


It is always lovely to get feedback from those who have purchased my custom fine art prints . Recently I received mail asking for a "coffee date" with two very charming ladies. I love coffee and a gentleman never turns down a lady and definitely not two. 

Meeting Gaynor Young and Barbara Royce was a most wonderful uplifting and inspiring occasion. Gaynors story is well know within South Africa and further a field. If you are unaware of her inspirational story please have a look at her blog/website. And if you love to read check out her book "My Plunge to Fame" for insight into the capacity of the human spirit triumphing over adversity. 

I have to admit my curiosity was running high. I had no expectations and was very surprised to learn that Gaynor not only loved my work but had one of my favorite black and white prints hanging in her bedroom, Dune 45, Light and Shadow. 


Dune 45 Light & Shadow, Buy in Store, Rest of World, South Africa


I have to be honest to receive such wonderful compliments from Gaynor and Barbara was truly humbling and heart warming. We all need a little confidence booster from time to time. I was on cloud nine for the rest of the week. Gaynor is a South African legend and inspiration to all. 

Her Blog "ear ear" is one of the most visited and read on the internet in South Africa.

I am truly honoured to have my work and story featured today. Gaynor Young is a gifted writer and I cannot wait to read her blog.

Thank you Gaynor and Barbara. I look forward to more coffee dates... 

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