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Peter Delaney loves to write about his musings on Photography. This blog is filled with honest gear reviews,opinions the odd rant on the photographic industry. Peters written word is witty and to the point. He does not take himself too seriously unlike his passion "Photography'', which he does. 

Calm Before the Storm

A Still Moment

Serendipitous moments in photography are few and far between. By profession I am Fine Art Wildlife Photographer more by circumstance than design. On assignment to Uganda to photograph Chimpanzees and Gorillas. I found myself catching a ferry to Ngamba Island in the middle of Lake Victoria. To be honest I never knew Lake Victoria had islands not alone one that was called home to "rescued Chimpanzees".




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My heart skipped a beat upon on arrival at the shores of Lake Victoria. The scene was a photographers dream. Calm waters glistening in the morning sunshine with huge magnificent cumulus storm clouds forming over head. 



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If that wasn't enough photography mana from the Gods, the wooden boats with local Fishermen casting weighted nets sent my mind and body into a frenzy. One of my photography" bucket list" photographs was right in front of me. 

Keeping calm and stopping my hands from shaking was my first task. A deep breath and exhale and my photography training from over the years kicked in. 


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I entered a zen like state, unconscious of passing time. My hands moved fluidly over knobs and dials turning them to the required settings. My eyes moved around the frame checking composition, making sure unwanted elements were excluded. Whilst keeping an eye on my exposure meter and horizon level indicator within the EVF. 


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Having satisfied myself that I had captured my "bucket list" photograph of a Fisherman standing in a wooden boat casting a weighted net. I zoomed out to photograph the wooden boats under a tumultuous sky. To explain the sense of joy that I felt is impossible. Every click of the shutter felt right. 


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I was so zoned out that I failed to recognise the ferry that I was photographing, was on its way to collect me for my journey to Ngamba island. Little did I know that within a hour the small wooden tarpaulin boat would carry me into one of the most frightening storms on water that I have ever encountered.


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Eventually I woke from my reverie and headed towards the now awaiting ferry. That short period of time had drained me mentally. I was glad that I would have an hour or two to collect my thoughts and recharge my batteries on the way to Ngamba. 

But there was to be no recovery period just pure panic as for the next two hours we were pelted with stinging rain as our little boat was tossed about the waves. My thoughts ranged from my family many thousands of miles of way. To thinking of how I was going to drown and no one would ever see my "Bucket List" photographs of Fishermen in wooden boats casting weighted nets. 


The Ferry to Ngamba Island to see the Chimpanzees. We sailed right into a Storm. This is just a quick grab Video of the Storm.