Black Rhino Charge


Black Rhino Charge

 Black Rhino Photo

Black Rhinoceros Picture

Black Rhino Picture


 The story behind the Black Rhino Charge

It is not every day that I get charged for two black rhino and escape unhurt with both vivid memories and an image. While on Photo Safari Tour at Madikwe Game Reserve, South Africa. I was fortunate to come across a pride of lions in an active mood. My guide and I noticed that one of the Lions had spotted something on the tree line in the distance and had begun to stalk it.

We decided to pre-empt the lioness and did a loop to watch the interaction. We had taken up position a hundred meters or so from the tree line when we saw two black rhino, mother and calf, browsing on some trees. They seemed unaware of us and the approaching lioness.

After a few minutes the wind changed direction and without provocation the Black Rhino Charge began headlong in our direction, the calf following her. I have to be honest my immediate concern was to get the shot, so crouching as low as possible in the open 4x4 I began shooting.



It was not until the rhino had totally filled the viewfinder that I realised the Black Rhino was not going to stop until she had gored the side of our 4x4 and driver. With only meters between us, the guide started shouting and banging his door furiously. Luckily this seems to startle the Black Rhino Charge and she skidded off to our right in a cloud of dust with calf behind her. It was a heart-stopping experience that left us, and the lioness, somewhat perplexed


Author by Peter Delaney