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Peter Delaney loves to write about his musings on Photography. This blog is filled with honest gear reviews,opinions the odd rant on the photographic industry. Peters written word is witty and to the point. He does not take himself too seriously unlike his passion "Photography'', which he does. 

Awards and Photography Competitions

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Such a decisive topic for Photographers. I have always encouraged my Photography friends to enter the "Big Photography Competitions" some have taken my advice and have won Awards

I believe there are more Pros than Cons to entering Photography Competitions.

  • Firstly : not all Photography Competitions are created equally! Some are just money spinners others are just a clever ploy to get free Photographs for Media Houses.

  • Always read the small print! Or else you could be giving away the copyright to a photograph that could have yielded a lot of money.

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  • The Pros

  • Winning a Photography Competition can be a valuable tool in marketing your work.

  • It will separate you from the masses, especially if your Photos wins more than one award. This shows consistency that your photography is of high caliber.

  • Exposure has become a bit of dirty word amongst Photographers, but the Exposure that you receive from a prestigious photography competition cannot be matched. When you  Win, it will be all over Social Media, TV, Newspapers, Magazines and your work will be showcased in Galleries possibly around the World.

  • Print Sales and Editorial Sales will be a direct result from winning the photography competition.

  • Confidence! Wining a Photography Competition will boost your confidence and give you self belief and renewed impetus.

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  • What are the Cons ?

  • Not many.... The most fatal, you will become arrogant, over charge for your work and believe you are better than you are. Which means you will stop trying to improve your craft.

  • The Last.... You will alienate people possibly other Photographers who may become jealous of your success. You will know who they are because they will stop calling you......

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