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I love taking clients on a Photography Safari and watching there excitement and expressions when we come across Lions. These African big cats have a predatorial sense that just chills you to the bone. One stare and reactions range from complete panic to Zombie like bewilderment. Erratic breathing, breathlessness and shakes are the most common. 

A close encounter with a Kalahari Lion will always be one of your most rememberable wildlife photo memories. These creatures are killing machines and muscle powerhouses. Kalahari black-maned lions are the biggest lions in Africa.

As they walk towards to you even though you may be safe in your vehicle, the shivers run down your spine and you check all the locks on the door and you are ready to close the window ..just in case.

For those sitting in open safari vehicles, as you sit real still and quiet, the thought that runs through your mind, he could easily jump into the safari 4x4. 


Asa Wildlife Photographer I love photographing these African big cats. They are not so easy to photograph, as you know they are nocturnal and most of the day they just sleep.

But if you are lucky enough to catch them early morning or later afternoon. You can rewarded with some amazing Lion Portraits 



If you would like to buy an African lion print and you need help with sizes or maybe like more choice but please drop me an email 



Author Peter Delaney