Wildlife Photography

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What is Wildlife photography?

Wildlife Photography is probably one of the most difficult of photography disciplines. It is not enough to have right equipment and to know the behaviour of your subject. To get that "perfect photograph" it is a combination of beautiful light, interesting subject matter and to be able to capture this fleeting moment sometimes in the most difficult weather conditions.

Many wannabe Wildlife Photographers have idealistic and romantic visions of the "Life and Times"of a Wildlife Photographer. The amazing sunsets ,sunrises, being one with nature etc etc.

night portrait of Leopard

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african lion walks across grasslands

Yes at times it can be like that. But most of the time is actually a lot of hard work , frustrations with moments of complete despair and ecstasy.

Countless hours behind your camera or computer editing. 

The business side is the hard but necessary part of photography that most photographers dislike. Marketing your images to NGO's, editors, journalists all whom expect you do give away your work for exposure !!! 

On a personal or family level you have to sacrifice a lot time away from your family. Who worry about you being so far away working with dangerous animals and environs. 

As with any vocation you will find like minded people who will become great friends whom will share knowledge and experiences which will in turn enrich all those involved. 

Wildlife photography is an important tool in the conservation of our planet. In a way it is a vocation for those who chose this life. For they do it out of love and passion foremost rather than a means of financial self enrichment which tends to be priority of many who chose a particular career path.

Peter Delaney

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