Wildlife in Black & White

Black & white fine art african wildlife prints of the "Big Five". Zebra canvas prints and african elephant photos created by award wining photographer.



Wildlife in Monochrome

is a really difficult photographic genre. Most photographers really struggle to create a Fine Art Black and White Print. The main reason I believe is they have not come from black and white film background. The mindset of the majority of photographers is one of presets. Some Photographers believe they should only convert a photograph to monochrome if it doesn’t work as a color image. With this mindset their Wildlife in Black and White Print is doomed from the start.

To create a Wildlife in Black and White print, you must start with a really good photo. I will often go out in to the field with the sole intention of making a Black and White Photo:  I start with a composition that has tonal range, good contrast, texture, lines and form.

Then the creative process begins in the digital darkroom, starting out with a vision of the finished print will help. Knowledge of filters, dodging and burning, is paramount if you want to create an interesting Wildlife in Black and White otherwise your print will not have a good tonal range to hold the viewers attention.

"Fine Art Landscapes in Black and White"

is one of my favourite genres. There is something timeless and evocative about a Black and White Print. Where its Colour counterpart tends to be more vibrant and commands immediate attention. Landscapes in Black and White without the colour distraction adds mood to the photograph and conveys more to the viewer and can quietly fit in to any decor with overwhelming the space. But once noticed it will quietly draw the viewer in till they are transported to the photographers World of Monochrome