African Wildlife Art

 African Wildlife and Landscape holds a special place in my heart. Which helps me create nature photography prints that has the essence of Africa at its core. 



African Wildlife and Landscape Photography

Wildlife and Landscape Photography is my escape mechanism from a World in turmoil. It may only offer a temporary respite but it's enough to keep me sane.

When I am alone in the Wilds of the African Landscape with my camera nothing matters except what I am photographing. Be it the Desert Landscape of Namibia the African Elephants bathing in Red Kalahari dust or the svelte Cheetah hunting the plains.

Every thought or worry I may have had, melts away as I zone to the task at hand. 

I enter a Zen like state of photography. My mind concentrates on the technicalities while my heart composes. 

I make photographs because something tugged at my heart strings and I am beset by an overpowering urge to lift my camera and capture that moment.

My Wildlife and Landscape Photography is not about reproducing what I saw.  Rather it expresses what I felt. 

Maybe that is why I have a preference for Black and White Fine Art Photography. Monochrome has more latitude than colour to express my creativity. 

Ironically my colour African Wildlife and Landscape Photographs are equally as popular as my Black and White Photos.

I am blessed to have Africa as my backyard. The African Wildlife and Landscape holds a special place in my heart. And I believe it is that bond that helps to me to create a photograph that has The essence of Africa at its core.  I hope my African Wildlife and Landscape photographs give you as much joy as it gave me in creating them.

Thank you for your time .....

Please feel free to contact me with any query about my work.